2006 Winners
in all categories are:

The Awards Ceremony took place May 6th at THE PARK AVENUE SCREENING ROOM

1st Place: Binta Y La Gran Idea, Dir. Javier Fesser
2nd Place: Adios Para Siempre, Dir. David Barba
3rd Place: West Bank Story, Dir. Ari Sandel
Honorable Mention: California, Dir. Irene Borrego

1st Place: Life In Transition, Dir. John Dilworth
2nd Place: Moonraker, Dir. Fran Krause
3rd Place: Fauna Sutra, Dir. Johan Klungel
Honorable Mention: Moongirl, Dir. Henry Selick


1st Prize: Digital Film Academy : A $ 5,000 grant towards a digital filmmaking class (including use of equipment), a 15 week course in New York City.

2nd Prize: A TUFF screening at The Park Avenue Screening Room hosted by the winning filmmaker. Film selection to be determined by the filmmaker which will include his/hers prize winning film at a date to be determined with us and in accordance with the screening room's availability.

3rd Prize: A case of Taittinger Champagne

1st Prize: Animation: Tasmanian Rain. A Nano I-Pod.

2nd Prize: Animation: E-Chocolates basket.

Honorable Mentions: A TUFF Certificate of Artistic Merit.

We would like to congratuate every one of our winners for their outstanding achievements!